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 Barrel Valley 

The puppies pictured below are representative of our puppies,  If you are looking for a puppy, please contact us at 724-478-3428. Our 2017 puppies are here! If we have nothing available, we can tell you how to find a reputable breeder.  Our puppies are available to loving homes only.  Any puppies that are considered to be of show (conformation) quality will be said to be "show potential".   All pet quality puppies are sold with limited registration and spay/neuter contract.  All Barrel Valley puppies are placed with a contract stating expectations and guarantees. When we do have puppies, please know that we do NOT ship puppies, and we prefer to place puppies nearby so that we are available to help the new owner with anything you need.

If you would like to see more pictures of puppies go to our litterbox page.  It includes many pictures of past Barrel Valley puppies.

Kenny and Austin - not for sale today, ask me tomorrow.  On second thought, don't ask, they're keepers!
These are some of our past puppies.  None are currently available.

Damien, the puppy with the tail!

Call for information on upcoming litters: 724-777-0044 or 724-478-3428. 
The black and white baby has gone to a new home. The brown boy is Boomer, all grown up now.
Puppies from the past. In new homes now.
Boomer and Ben are in a new home with two little girls to play with.
Boomer and Ben, the Happy Houligans
Ben..... the lovable doofus.
2016 Particolor puppies are here. There will be available brown and white boys, possibly a black and white  boy. Available the middle of May. Photo taken at five weeks.
The puppies below are available January 2017. Please call 724-478-3428. Sired by AKC Grand Champion/International Champion Barrel Valley Just Around The Corner.

2017 puppies are here.  Call 724-478-3428 for more information.
Black boy and girl, sired by Grand Champion Barrel Valley Just Around The Corner (Cutter)
Brown boy and girl, sired by Champion Barrel Valley Destry Rides Again (Destry)