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Read further to learn more about the Cocker Spaniel breed, and its care, grooming, and training.


The Cocker Spaniel is
a wonderful little breed
that when bred and cared
for properly makes a good
family dog that is willing
and able to do almost
anything.  The well bred
and properly socialized
Cocker will have a stable,
friendly and outgoing
personality.  This is not a
guarding breed and should
not be expected to fill that role.  Cockers often will alert their owners to changes but should never attack or protect anything.

It should always be remembered that the Cocker is a hunting breed. Many Cockers will stay in their territory (yard) or with their owner without a fence or leash most of the time.  Even the best trained sporting dog may lose its head and chase an especially good scent.  It only takes one HBC (hit by car) to lose a lifetime companion.

The Cocker should be good with children.  However, no dog should ever be left unsupervised with small children.  You will see pictures of Cockers and babies thoughout this site.  Keep in mind there is always an adult behind the camara.  And obviously, children should never be allowed to injure, abuse or tease any dog.  Allowing negative interaction is the number one way to create a dog that does not like children.