Barrel Valley Pipe Wickets
The "Piper" for Showdog Professionals
Plastic pipe wickets for a reasonable price

Hand crafted wickets for sale, made on similar principles to the official AKC wicket. Made of PVC pipe, the wickets are adjustable in height.

Available in two sizes, for dogs 11 to 17 inches tall, or for dogs 17 to 30 inches tall. Also available made to your unique specifications for dogs under 11 inches by special order.

Measures dogs from 11 to 17 inches in height at the withers.
The large wicket measures dogs from 17 to 30 inches tall.
The legs of the wicket can be adjusted to the minimum or maximum allowed height in your breed. 

Set at the maximum height then place over the highest part of your dog's withers, if both legs of the wicket do not touch the floor, the dog is over the allowable height. 

If the legs are set for the minimum allowed height and the dog's withers do not touch the top bar, then your dog is under the allowed height.

To find your dog's exact height, the legs of the wicket can be raised or lowered, equally on both sides, until the top bar lays on the dog's withers while the feet of the wicket sit firmly on the floor.


Though all measurements are checked and double checked, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed with a hand crafted item, but the difference in price will allow you to measure your dog before taking it into the ring to be "measured out" with more assurance than by using a yardstick at home.
All prices include shipping to anywhere in Continental United States. Overseas orders will be individually adjusted for shipping.

11 to 17 inch size............................$35.00
17 to 30 inch size............................$40.00
If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, contact Joan Kunkle at 
Phone 724-478-3428
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