Barrel Valley Cocker Spaniels
Buyer _____________________________________________                     Seller:   Mary J. Kunkle
Address ___________________________________________                         Spring Church, PA
__________________________________________________                 (724) 478-3428
Telephone _________________________________________                 
E-mail ____________________________________________     

The following dog, on________, has been sold to person or persons listed above as buyer and is free of any liens or encumbrances as a result of stud fee, verterinary fee's, etc. except as stated below in Additional Terms.

Breed Cocker Spaniel   Name _________________________ Litter or Registration No. _____________________
Whelped  ____________________ Sex  Female_- Male   Color/description ________________________________
Sire _________________________________________        Dam  _______________________________________

The consideration for this sale is the sum of $ __________ , plus the considerations to be performed by the puchaser as herafter set forth.
Terms:____________________________________________________ Deposit: ______________________________
Deposits are non-refundable, except in the case of death or illness of the dog.
Registration papers: ______________________________________________________________________________

It is understood that this dog is being sold as a show potential.  At the time of sale this dog has no diqualifiable faults according to the AKC standard for the Cocker Spaniel.  It is understood that this dog is being sold under a co-ownership agreement.  The breeder/seller will remain co-owner of dog not less than 2 years or until both seller and buyer agree to change the ownership of the dog. It is understood that this dog is not to be altered, sold or given away without the agreement of all owners and co-owners.  It is also understood that this dog is not to be bred until after successful eye testing at the age of 2 years or older. All co-owners have equal rights to breed to this dog with agreement of all co-owners.

The seller assumes no responsibilities for this dog after leaving the premises; medical expenses, landlord's disapproval, allergy to animals, disagreement of family or for any reason, other than stated. 

The purchaser agrees to never sell or give this dog or the descendants of this dog to any unresponsible breeder, pet store, pet farm, puppymill or similar institution. The purchaser also agrees to consider the polices of the seller in future decisions about this dog and its descendants.  Polices include: selling pet quality puppies with spay neuter contacts and limited registration, carefull screening of potential buyers, breeding this dog only to quality, healthy dogs, being a source of knowledge and assistance to new owners, and representing the ancestors of this dog with honesty, consideration and dignity. 

It is understood that at the time of sale this dog is considered to be of show potential, and is representative of its breed and structually and temperamentally suited as a companion and/or performance dog.  This dog is guarunteed for 10 days as stated in Pennsylvania's "Puppy Lemon Law", and it is recommended that the buyer have the dog examined by a veterinarian during this time period.  If during this time period, the buyer believes the dog to be sick, the buyer agrees to return it to the seller, with a letter from the examining licensed veterinarian, and the seller will refund the purchase price.

No other guarantee is given except in the case of a hereditary defect which develops to the extent that it renders the dog unsuitable as a pet, performance or breeding animal.  In this instance, a replacement of the seller's choice but agreeable to both parties, will be give as soon as one becomes available.  Hereditary defects which shall be included in this guarantee shall be: Juvenile Cataracts or PRA as diagnosed by a Certified Ophthalmologist; Hip Dysplasia, as diagnosed by OFA or Penn Hip; Thyroid disease diagnosed by laboratory studies; or heart disease proven hereditary in nature.

New Owner ___________________________________________
New Co-Owner ________________________________________
Seller ________________________________________________